Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I've been quite busy lately with Kitchen's Secret Santa-thingie, but I'll throw in a couple of finished works.

The first one was for a competition focused in monster design, though I didn't win it. I think the monster is maybe too generic, it was fun to paint nevertheless. The second one is something random inspired by Andree Wallin, one of my favorite artists. Oh, I also got my copy of "Digital Art Masters Volume 5" and it has some serious kickass-renderings in it.


  1. Awesome atmosphere in the second one, not intimidating at all...

    With the first, I think the head and torso are too similar in colour and design. Could've used a helmet, different coloured horns etc to differentiate them a bit...

  2. I agree with you Ville, the human-based figure is a great minus itself, an animal would have worked better. The timelimit was once again pushing me, kinda had to go with what I had or what struck me first.

    Well, at least the weapon turned out okay I think! :) Have to be more daring next time.

  3. Yeah, the weapon is great in both design and colour, as is the balance in the lower body.

    Btw, you might want to put links to your DA, Mikseri.net etc accounts somewhere here as well...