Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Welcome to Johannesburg

Blah, I've been quite lazy lately, I need to speed up things. Here are tonight's offerings, three sketchy studies from movie reference. I tried not to spend too much time on each of these, the point of these studies was to observe light and especially colours. I've noticed I almost everytime tend to push my colours much more saturated than they really need to be, the colours in the real world are rarely that intense and the changes of colors are very subtle. Of course it depends on the scene and the style you're working on too, but I try to achieve at least some sort of realism in my paintings.

Personally I liked this movie quite a lot, it has a much cruder look to it than most of the same genre. The movie also includes great design work from Weta Workshop. Can you name it? (and if you can't, please watch it)


  1. Yeah, probably pretty easy to go overboard with the saturation...

    District 9, it seems, had forgotten all about that. Sounds like an interesting movie...

  2. Correct! I'll bring it to Lempäälä at christmas, you should watch it then if you like to. Some exception and change to most of those fancypants-hollywood movies. :D

  3. Nice, might actually get around to watching that then... :D