Monday, April 18, 2011

Burn baby, burn!

Phew. This goes to my friend Samu, thanks for the kickass idea and I think I even managed to pull it off somehow!


  1. Faptastic, no other words.
    I love the colouring, nicely highlights the flames bursting from within the golem.

    Also the scenery(/landscape)or the setting seems to fit very well.
    I can almost feel like as if I'm standing right next to the mage with a sword in hand(as if it would hurt the golem, duh ;) then watch the golem shriek(do they shriek? or is it more like a bellowing roar?) in agony as it burns from the inside slowly crumbling away.


  2. Haha, thanks mate! Good to hear that it works the way I intented it to, at first it was quite difficult to make the golem look like feeling pain...

    Thanks for the awesome idea, too!