Thursday, May 19, 2011

Terran Investigation

Hi guys.

Summer is finally coming and I have no problem with that. Spring has been quite a busy time for me with entrance exams, pretasks and so many other things... Fortunately I have only one entrance exam left which is for fine arts department at TAMK, so not that much pressure at the moment. I'm also working on an album cover for a band Greenrose Faire and graphical elements for Ghost Voyage's website at the moment, go check them out!

And yeah, any StarCraft 2 fans out there, particularly Terran fans?
Because here's something for you. Also, a few progress shots of the picture and the final painting of course, this was a looot of fun.


  1. Jesus Christ mate. What the fuck?! When did you start working on this one?

    This is pure win!

  2. Huomasin sinun eksyneen blogiini, lukijaksi vielä. Tämä on kunnia! Mahtavinta tässä, että pääsin käsiksi blogiisi, joka pullollaan maukkaita töitäsi.

    Tämä kyseinen työsi on sekin herkullinen, vaikka olenkin vähän enemmän Protossien ystävä ;)

  3. What is the viking doing on a suicide mission? :o