Sunday, December 23, 2012


Merry Christmas and a happy new year everyone, have a good time!

A finished piece, a valuestudy from movie screencap and a quick Christmas card for you guys:


Friday, December 14, 2012

Heavy duty dump 'em all!

It's been a while since I updated this blog last time, so it's gonna be one of those "dump-out-all-the-stuff-from-last-couple-of-months"-kind of situation. Better late than never they say, so here you go.

What else is going on. Well, lot of stuff going on with school and work/commissions, I've been pretty busy for quite a while now. I got some of my work featured in an ImagineFX issue, one Daily Deviation at deviantART and "Journey" made it to CGSociety's 2D gallery, so things are moving forward little by little. My aim is to do a couple of portfolio pieces still and then focus on practicing some things again, rather than making too many finished images. We'll see how it goes.

Not much school left before the Christmas holiday, it's gonna be a good break for all this hassle. We are also leaving to Germany for a week with my friends and we're going to spend the New Year there, it's gonna be pretty great I believe! And the realization that comes with that, the year 2012 is almost over. Soon it's the time for making the "2013" mark on new paintings and looking back at the ones with "2012".

Anyway. Studies, sketches, WIPs, final images, game project stuff and all that.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

More personal work

No, I haven't been slacking even if I haven't updated my blog. Still, shame on me not updating so here we go again. I've been doing some personal and fanart stuff lately, since I have had time for it now and it has been really fun. I haven't done too many studies lately, trying to kickstart my more of a creative side at the moment (these things tend to go in cycles more or less).

Anyway, here are in order a colorstudy, StarCraft 2-fanart I painted live at Assembly 2012 while being at our school's stand, three villains from Batman and the wip-stages for two of them, a birthday painting for a good friend of mine (he's an artist too, check out his BLOG because he is awesome), some sketches done at school and a finished landscape painting.

Your support means a lot to me, everyone giving me critique, comments, approving in silence or heck, just all you great artists out there inspiring me.

Also, I have made a couple of new timelapse-videos out of my paintings "Two-Face" and "Journey":

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Draaaaagons + New Videotutorial

 Hello everyone!

Some new stuff, so a couple of WIPs for a client work (dragons are difficult but sooo awesome) and I also made a progress video/tutorial out of my "Souldancer" painting. Here you go, I hope you like these!