Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Year 2012 - Time to start getting things done?

Hello dear readers. It's year 2012 and school has also started. We're going to have webdesign and animation + multimedia starting and the model drawing is continuing, I'm feeling quite good about it all. It's also nice to see fellow students and get the drawing club thingie going again as I've been waiting for that.

I've been pondering on an idea of doing at least one photo or a movie screenshot study a day to really kick my own ass for the sake of improvement. I think I will also dig into different techniques to see if I can find anything interesting, time to start getting shit done.

We gotta finish a game project for school before January ends, so I guess I won't have that much time to do much else than the project stuff and the daily studies until we get the project done.

Enough of blabbering, here we go. So, a couple of movie studies, sketching, testing out smoother style (trying to understand the form also) and a previous picture I think I'll try to render better, still in progress.

Ps. I'll probably ditch the last one. When I look at the changes I made it doesn't look as good as the painting before. The shadows look better in a way (not so dirty), but she is too healthy/lively. What do you guys think?

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