Friday, March 23, 2012

Life Is Good

It's been too long since the last post, so let's make it better right now with a massive update. Am I right?

First some things. My first year at school is soon coming to an end, it has been quite interesting and I've met some awesome people. It's been a pleasure drawing, sketching, talking about art and just hanging around and getting to know you guys, you rock.

At the moment I'm doing some graphics for a game, and I also might get some commercial work if everything works out well. So everything is going quite well and I will work with small games during the summer for studying, I'm looking forward to that. I also managed to win the Guardian of Accounts contest that Blizzard held, I'm very happy about that. The winning picture is the one below, yay!

Anyways, be prepared for a shitload of stuff. Stuff from model drawing classes, sketches, thumbnails, concept pictures for a game and a school project (and just for fun!), finished paintings, even a printed out birthday present... So, here we go!

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