Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rainy Days - Breakpoint

  A post of mine, taken from my CA Sketchbook, June 26th:

"Today was quite a bad day for me, I don't even know why. Somehow things I need to learn and think about, they just seem like huge mountains that I have no way or tools for climbing over them.
The mixed feeling of being lost, depressed and hopeless, not really sure where I am going and why.

I have been reading quite a lot of articles, blogposts and texts concerning concept art (and well, art in general) and also checking out lots of amazing paintings made by professionals working in the field lately.

Pretty much everyone of those people have a really distinguishable style and really creative/cool solutions to things. Then I look at my own stuff and... I feel lost, trying to emulate and do things I'm not really cabable of doing yet.

One thing I also have noticed about my own stuff is that I don't plan my paintings enough. Maybe not the most, but pretty many of them kinda come from just fooling around, throwing paint on the wall and seeing what sticks.

3 things for myself to do:

1. Focus more
- Have an idea for a painting, even if it came with random doodling, make different thumbnails, think about the concept, everything. Plan stuff.
2. Study more
- The very essential stuff for making art: anatomy, colors, lights, forms, perspective.
I have done some of this, but for example anatomy is something I have been afraid of practicing for a too long time.
3. Find my own goal
- Think about what is the thing I want to do, what kind of art, what kind of style and tryout all kinds of different stuff, subjects and tools.

I tried to dig into anatomy a little bit today, but I guess I'll have to go one part at a time for so long that I feel comfortable drawing it.

Anyway, here are some ballpoint sketches from Bridgman, photos, real life and imagination.

Thanks for the support guys, let's keep the ball rolling!"

So, the point is I've noticed I really lack skill in the basics of making art. I can do mediocre stuff yes, but the level I want to achieve is still far as hell. I might have ideas for some nice stuff, but in practice it just doesn't go all the way to the end how I've wanted it to go. Time to start getting some serious studying done and leave other/random stuff out more, until I can execute it better.

I want you people to kick my ass if I leave my studies undone, because I want and need to do it. Thanks for looking, here are some anatomy studies + arms, arms and more arms. Anatomy, I'm coming for ya!

Ps. A good advice that a fellow artist told me was to remember keep having fun. It's an obvious thing and it should be (drawing all those dinosaurs, dragons and knights as a kid), but with all the pressure coming from outside and inside, it's easy to forget it also. If it's not fun, take a moment and give it some thought.


Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Update = Paintings + Video Commentary + Livestream

 Time to update again, it's been quite a long time since the last post. The summer has started quite nicely, at the moment I'm working on this game project for school. The idea is to make five games within five weeks and so far it has worked out quite nicely, so two games still to go. I'll probably post stuff from them here and also links directly to the games later.

I've been trying to get the hang of Livestreaming also. I've noticed at least for myself it's a very nice and motivating thing to do, because everytime I'm streaming I kinda have to paint stuff and I won't get too distracted then. I have also started to sketch traditionally more, and I also try to do more personal pieces than I have been able to do in such a long time, all the workstuff was really getting inside my head. Now I feel a little better and inspired again.

Anyway, midsummer's celebration was pretty nice here in Finland, I met quite a bunch of new interesting people and the hangover starts to fade away also so it's a win-win situation.But now, some art which is... What else than a crapload of sketches, finished paintings and studies.

And hey, I almost forgot but I also made a video commentary about one of my paintings. Just discussing about the making process in the video, I hope it'll be helpful to someone out there. :) Give me a shout at Youtube what you think about it, should I make more and what I should do better etc. Thanks for looking, have a nice summer!