Saturday, September 8, 2012

More personal work

No, I haven't been slacking even if I haven't updated my blog. Still, shame on me not updating so here we go again. I've been doing some personal and fanart stuff lately, since I have had time for it now and it has been really fun. I haven't done too many studies lately, trying to kickstart my more of a creative side at the moment (these things tend to go in cycles more or less).

Anyway, here are in order a colorstudy, StarCraft 2-fanart I painted live at Assembly 2012 while being at our school's stand, three villains from Batman and the wip-stages for two of them, a birthday painting for a good friend of mine (he's an artist too, check out his BLOG because he is awesome), some sketches done at school and a finished landscape painting.

Your support means a lot to me, everyone giving me critique, comments, approving in silence or heck, just all you great artists out there inspiring me.

Also, I have made a couple of new timelapse-videos out of my paintings "Two-Face" and "Journey":

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