Saturday, June 8, 2013

London Workshop 2013

Last week I went to ConceptArt.org's workshop in London, and this blogpost will be mostly about that experience. The workshop lasted from May 31st to June 3rd, and I stayed in Safestay Hostel near the venue at Elephant and Castle area.

This is a photocollage from the photos I took, enjoy!

Bus connection from London Stansted to Liverpool Street

The view from my room's window

Natural History Museum


Some people from the group, I also finally met up in person with a fellow artist from Finland that I've known for some time. From left to right:
Richard, Javi, Filippo, Jason, Ananda and Juhani.

 Trafalgar Square

London Workshop 2013

Some photos from the workshop, got portfolio reviews from quite many of the instructors too. I learned quite many things, if not as many technical tricks but just about the industry, composition and having a specific goal you try to achieve. Lots of information, trying to handle it by reading my notes and thinking about it, I could make a whole post about that and maybe it'll happen.

Thanks for all the organizers and instructors!


The last day in London, hanging out with Eric, Niklas, Andreas, Kristian, Murli and John. 


 Tate Britain

At Nando's, tasty chicken!

Relaxing at Hyde Park with great guys, a beautiful end to the trip.


Back at home, waiting for a bus to Tampere

All the wonderful people I met during the workshop, a huge THANK YOU for making this event so memorable and amazing, I will definetely remember it for the rest of my life.

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